Historic Walking Tour Highlights South Attleborough’s Rich Heritage

Today, the Attleborough Historical Preservation Society hosted a fascinating walking tour of historic South Attleborough Village. The event drew approximately 50 participants, ranging from local South Attleborough residents to nearby neighbors from Attleborough, all eager to delve into the rich historical tapestry of Newport Avenue, a significant thoroughfare dating back to the 17th century.

The tour was led by three knowledgeable presenters: Jerry Turcotte, Rachel Killion, and Scott Winkler, with gracious hosting by Rhett Butler at the Sadler Bros. Factory. Jerry and Rachel organized the participants into two groups, ensuring everyone had an opportunity to hear the detailed historical insights about South Attleborough.

One of the highlights of the tour was Scott Winkler’s engaging discussion on his renovation of the South Attleborough fire station. Scott provided insights into transforming the historical building into modern apartments while preserving the original look and small touches of the now-retired fire station. His dedication to maintaining the historical integrity of the structure was evident and appreciated by all attendees.

Jerry Turcotte’s narration brought the past to life as he led one of the groups along Newport Avenue, explaining its evolution and importance over the centuries. Meanwhile, Rachel Killion guided the other group, sharing equally compelling stories and highlighting significant landmarks that painted a vivid picture of the area’s development.

The tour also included an in-depth look at the Sadler Bros. factory, a building steeped in history. Jerry shared fascinating anecdotes about the factory’s role in the local economy and its contributions to the community over the years. The walking tour provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect with their community’s heritage. As they walked, they could almost hear the echoes of the past, from the early settlers who first established the area to the industrious spirit of the factory workers who helped shape South Attleborough’s identity.

Numerous photos were taken to document this enriching experience, which will be shared alongside this blog post. These images, coupled with the compelling historical insights from Jerry, Rachel, and Scott, offer a visual and narrative journey into the heart of South Attleborough’s history.

The event was not just a walk through the streets of South Attleborough, but a walk through time, highlighting the enduring legacy of Newport Avenue and the vibrant history that continues to shape the community.

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